There are two ways to connect to the RTD IOS with a Wireless Device; either through the iPad/iPhone App, or through a web browser.

Connect using the FREE RTD App for the iPad/iPhone

The Frasca RTD App is designed to streamline the user connection process of the Frasca RTD Training Devices. Bypass going into the Wifi Settings, and connect to the RTD and be ready to fly in just 2 presses!

  1. Download the Frasca RTD App from the App store. Refer to the Frasca RTD iPad/iPhone App article for additional information.
  2. Power up the RTD
  3. Launch the Frasca RTD App.
  4. Enter the Serial Number of the RTD, or select one of the Previous Connections.
    The RTD Serial Number can be located on the lower right-hand side of the physical device, directly above the dual USB ports.
  5. Tap the Connect button.
  6. When prompted “Frasca RTD” Wants to Join Wi-Fi Network “13927_WAP”?, tap the Join button.
  7. Once the RTD IOS is displayed on the device, the RTD is ready.
    If prompted, The Wi-fi network “13927_WAP” does not appeat to be connected to the internet, tap the Keep Trying Wi-Fi option.
  8. After the session is complete, tap the Disconnect button.
  9. Tap the Disconnect button to confirm.

Connect using any Wireless Device

The RTD IOS is network based, just simply connect to the trainer’s wireless router and use the IOS through your web browser. The RTD IOS can be connected to by any wireless device, such as a tablet, laptop, or phone.

  1. Power up the RTD
  2. Connect to the RTD Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi name is the Serial Number (S/N) of the device as indicated on the lower right side of the instrument panel.
  3. Enter the Wi-Fi password; the default password is Frasca50.
  4. Using your browser, enter into the address bar.
    NOTE: The RTD IOS web server requires additional time to launch after Powering up the RTD. If the web page does not launch, allow additional time before refreshing the web page.
  5. Once the RTD IOS is displayed on the device, the RTD is ready.
  6. Connecting to RTD IOS
    Example Connecting to IOS