RTD General Operating Precautions

  • Treat the trainer and its equipment with care, as if it were a real aircraft. Do not allow students to handle the controls roughly.
  • Periodically clean the trainer and check its operation. It is important to keep the trainer clean to ensure its proper operation.
  • NEVER allow food or drinks in the area of the trainer.

Powering up the RTD

  1. Turn the Remote Power Switch on the front of the computer cabinet to the ON/OFF position momentarily (if equipped), or open the Computer Door and press the Power button on the front of the Computer.
    Remote Power Switch and Door LockExample RTD Remote Power Switch
  2. Wait for the trainer to run through routine power up diagnostics.
  3. The appropriate flight model should start automatically if all of its corresponding panels are installed.
    NOTE: If the trainer was powered on without a complete set of panels which correspond to a valid flight model, the software will not launch. To rectify the problem, please make sure the correct panels are installed, and then the appropriate configuration automatically start.
  4. Connect to the RTD IOS.
  5. Unfreeze the trainer.

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