Powering up the RTD

  1. Verify a complete set of panels are installed. This includes the Engine Control Panel, the Switch Panel, Instrument Overlay Panel(s) and Console Components/Panels (if applicable).
    1. Align the panel’s pins with the alignment holes in the instrument panel, slide the panel into place, and then push in and turn each quarter-turn fastener clockwise to lock them in place.
    NOTE: If the RTD is powered on without a complete set of panels which correspond to a valid flight model, the software will not automatically launch until all the panels are installed and recognized.
  2. Turn the Remote Power Switch on the front of the RTD to the ON/OFF position momentarily (if equipped), or open the Computer Door and press the Power button on the front of the Computer.
  3. Allow the RTD to run though routine power up diagnostics, and then the appropriate model will start automatically. If the model does not start automatically:
    1. DO NOT click the Start button on Trainer Controller.
    2. Connect to the RTD IOS, and verify the missing panels are installed correctly. The software will automatically launch once all the panels are installed and recognized.
  4. Connect to the RTD IOS.
  5. Unfreeze the trainer.