Control the Volume on the RTD

The engine and environment sounds on the RTD come from the Visual Display.

  • Change the volume for the RTD by using the controls built into the TV, or by using the TV Remote Control.
    NOTE: Manually adjusting the engine volume using the procedure below may make it easier to hear others sounds, that may be overpowered by the engine(s) sounds.

Changing Engine(s) Volume

  1. Power up the RTD
  2. Stop the current Flight Model Load if it is running.
  3. Open the Computer Door and connect a USB Keyboard and mouse to the Computer.
    NOTE: An external keyboard is required to access the computers utilities and tools.
    Changing Engine Volume Level
  4. Open Windows File Explorer by pressing the [Win] + [E] keys, or from the Windows Start Menu type File Explorer.
  5. Navigate to the C:\Frasca\UserSettings\Host\V1\ directory.
  6. Open the DefaultUser.settings file.
  7. Change the Engine Volume setting. The engine volume setting is in percent, to set the volume to 20%, set Engine Volume (0-100) = 20.
  8. Save the DefaultUser.settings file.
  9. Start the appropriate Flight Model Load, and test the volume setting.


  1. Kim WadhamKim Wadham

    Is there a way to increase the G1000 avionics volume in relation to the general simulator volume? The navaid ident is too low to hear even with the G1000 volume turned to 100% (volume button is correctly pushed to show ID)

  2. Relative volume control is not something that the operator can currently affect. Your comment has been taken under consideration and is currently under review.

    1. We do not recommend editing the WAV files. However, I updated this article to include procedures for decreasing the engine volume levels. This should make it easier to hear all the other sounds.

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