Converting Flight Models on the RTD

  1. Shut down the RTD.
  2. Remove the following by loosening the quarter-turn fasteners counter-clockwise, one panel at a time.
    CAUTION: Use caution when removing and installing each panel to prevent damage to the circuit board or contacts. After removing each panel, store them in a safe location.
    • Engine Control Panel
    • Switch Panel
    • Instrument Overlay Panel(s)
      RTD Panel Fasteners
      Example RTD Panel Fasteners
      NOTE: On Some RTD aircraft models the Instrument Overlay Panel may be separated into two panels.
  3. Install the Engine Control Panel, Switch Panel, and the Instrument Overlay Panel(s), by aligning each panel with the connector and the quarter-turn fasteners on the panel, and then push while tightening a quarter turn clockwise.
  4. Power up the RTD.


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